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Tilapia placental mammal – {tilapia|Tilapia|genus fish genus|fish genus} fish farming may be a acquainted culture in our country, Indonesia. most regions should have cultivated this sort of fish. as a result of fish genus may be a fish that has the quickest growth and breeding than different fish. it’s aforesaid that its growth and development is extremely quick, as a result of fish farmers have felt it themselves once cultivating fish genus. in order that the harvest for fish genus doesn’t take a awfully very long time. the way to cultivate fish genus will use a range of the way, like cultivating with ponds, cement ponds, canvas ponds, cages, floating nets, even in rice fields and in salt water fish genus this will grow and breed well. fish genus growth will weigh one metric weight unit per tail. fish genus encompasses a nice meat texture. so this fish may be a favorite fish for farmers and their patrons to consume. additionally, the asking price of fish genus within the market is sort of high. Now, however does one begin fish genus farming? Below are going to be explained the correct steps to start out the cultivation of fish genus. The lake that is sometimes used as a cultivation of fish genus as mentioned earlier, is very, terribly versatile. However, the foremost wide wont to cultivate fish genus typically use lakes made from soil or rather dig the soil to be used as a pond.

It ought to be noted that, not solely fish genus square measure cultivated victimization ponds made from soil, however most kinds of seafood square measure cultivated in ponds. like catfish, carp, fish genus fish, and so on. Well, then why square measure a lot of individuals victimization ponds for cultivation? this is often as a result of the value for constructing ponds from the bottom is sort of low cost and therefore the method of constructing them is additionally easier than the others. As there square measure live animals that also are terribly helpful for fish genus food, besides it additionally grows a range of plants which will be used as fish genus fodder. additionally to fish genus cultivation ponds made up of soil typically grow healthier and quicker. Therefore, fish farmers World Health Organization use ponds from the bottom don’t want abundant to shop for fish genus fodder.

It is vital|vital|important} and important to notice is once choosing fish genus seeds. Why? as a result of fish genus seed is nice, it’s additionally an element that determines success in fish genus fish cultivation later. therefore in selecting different fish genus seeds additionally opt for fish genus seeds that square measure male to own most results, as a result of the expansion of male fish genus four-hundredth quicker than fish genus that square measure feminine. fish genus fish have the character of spawning or wedding. therefore cultivating fish genus one sex is a lot of productive than mixed. as a result of if it’s cultivated mixed, fish genus can run out of energy to mate and therefore the fish are going to be slightly hampered.

Generally the dimensions of water that’s able to be employed in raising fish genus is stuffed with water as deep as sixty to seventy five cm. stocking ponds from the bottom to cultivate fish genus of fifteen to thirty fish per square measure. and therefore the size of seed fish is ten to twenty grams per fish. and therefore the normal for gathering is sometimes the dimensions of fish genus has reached quite three hundred grams per head. Before fish genus seed is stocked with, the seed typically takes a stage of adaptation to the lake conditions 1st. so as to scale back the chance of fish seed death later once it’s thrown or unfold into a lake.

Tilapia Fish Cultivation

After all the preparations square measure done and therefore the seeds are planted into the lake, ensuing step is to worry for the fish till the harvest age. The 3 most significant things in maintaining fish genus cultivation square measure water management, feeding and tormenter management. In conducting this fish genus cultivation, water becomes important for the survival of the fish. so as to optimize water, it’s necessary to grasp the water content, like element and pH scale levels. may be monitored levels of carbonic acid gas, NH3 and H2S if attainable. If the element content within the lake decreases, the water circulation is more tightened once more. If the pool is dirty ANd marked with an unpleasant odor, then directly build the lake cleansing by substitution the water. technically, 1st take away 2/3 dirty water from the pool 1st, then refill it with clean water in order that the pool returns healthy from pests and diseases.

Feed is extremely vital for fish genus cultivation, and is additionally the foremost overpriced value compared to different parts. got to recognize, for fish genus pellets within the style of pellets with 20-30% macromolecule content.

Tilapia needs food the maximum amount as three-d of weight each day. Feeding are often wiped out the morning and evening. each period of time, take a random sample of fish genus then weigh the burden. Then change the number of feed that has got to be.

Calculation of fish genus fish feed dosage:

In one pool there square measure 1500 fish genus fish measure 10-20 grams / head.
Average fish weight → (10 + a pair of0) / 2 = fifteen grams / head.

Calculation of feed → fifteen x 1500 x three-d = vi75 grams = 6.75 metric weight unit per day
Check fish weights each period of time to regulate the number of feed.

As we know, fish genus may be a hardy fish. In traditional things, fish genus isn’t abundant to stress regarding. however if the cultivation of fish genus has been administrated intensively and in bulk, the chance of illness attack should be watched out for.

The unfold of fish diseases is extremely quick, particularly for infectious diseases. Transmission media typically have water. therefore you’ll be able to reach one or a lot of lake areas. For more rationalization, please scan the pests and diseases of fish genus. The time required for fish genus farming from seed sowing to reap refers to plug desires. the dimensions of fish genus for the domestic market ranges from 300-500 grams / head. to keep up fish genus from the dimensions of 10-20 grams to 300-500 grams takes regarding 4-6 months.

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