Handling of Harvest and Post Harvest of refined Tilapia

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Handling of Harvest and Post Harvest Tilapia Cultivation – In terms of conducting Tilapia cultivation, gathering is that the most anticipated issue by the Tilapia farmers. In terms of gathering, this Tilapia farmer are going to be able to resolve what proportion profit he will get.

At the time of gathering, all Tilapia farmers ar actually wanting to get larger profits. If this Tilapia farmer gets a loss rather than a profit, then it’s confirmed that the farmer doesn’t need to be a Tilapia farmer any longer.

When gathering, there ar actually many ways to be done. one in every of them is to see what varieties of Tilapia may be designated for harvest. this suggests that not simply any kind of Tilapia that may be designated for immediate harvest.

Age and weight of harvest of lake Tilapia
Usually in gathering, the age and weight of the harvest should so be seen properly. as a result of if the age and weight of the harvest don’t match what’s desired, the style quality of the Tilapia will definitely decrease.

For this kind of Tilapia typically will solely be harvested once the Tilapia has reached the age of concerning four months. though the age of Tilapia has reached four months, it doesn’t mean that Tilapia will already be harvested, however in gathering it should be seen from the burden of the harvest still.

Usually for the burden of this Tilapia itself is to be three hundred grams per cow berkisannya. If the surplus weight, then it’s not a drag for North American nation to reap this Tilapia.

How to harvest refined Tilapia

In addition, we tend to should additionally apply the gathering technique properly and properly still. don’t let this harvest exhausted the incorrect approach. so the Tilapia isn’t hurt, then we’ve got to try and do the gathering by means that of choosing the fish

Usually for this netting may be done by employing a larger sized fishnet, so the Tilapia may be lacy properly and not hurt. additionally, this fish netting will create the Tilapia not expertise stress once caught.

In terms of gathering it will typically be exhausted 2 ways in which. the primary approach is to use a internet as we tend to all recognize, the second approach may be done by exhausting lake water till receding, so once creating AN arrest it’ll be easier to try and do.

Usually the farmer provides many instrumentation to place the fish from the harvest. typically the instrumentation provided is within the kind of a plastic bucket, used plastic drum and additionally stereo foam. The instrumentation wont to collect the harvest should be in condition and additionally sterile.

Packaging and sale of Tilapia

After gathering the cultivation of Tilapia, the issue that has to be done at once is packing and transporting the harvested Tilapia. gathering should be exhausted how that’s smart and right, so once transporting Tilapia fish stay in condition.

For this transportation itself typically should be done once the Tilapia remains alive. If the Tilapia is transported or packed in an exceedingly dead condition, then for certain it’ll cause decay within the Tilapia.

Try to do the packaging and transportation of the Tilapia remains in an exceedingly state that continues to be recent till within the hands of customers. If you wish to move the Tilapia, you need to use transportation that doesn’t take a protracted time, aka quickly arrive.

Not solely that, in terms of packaging and transportation of this kind of Tilapia fish shouldn’t use water that comes from the breeding lake. this suggests that the water wont to do this transportation should use clean and clear water.

How to transport Tilapia on the approach

During transportation, the temperature of the water within should even be maintained. therefore the water that has been prepackaged during this transport instrumentation should stay stable and not become heat

If the water within the packaging web site turns hot, it’s confirmed that the fish in it’ll not survive longer so they’re going to die before reaching the situation.

At the time of transportation and packaging, it always should be exhausted the acceptable place or instrumentation. like the plastic bucket, plastic drum, and additionally containers within the kind of foam. All containers or places to be used should typically be checked initial, try and place or containers should be in an exceedingly sterile condition.

if the situation to be headed is additional off from the place or initial location, then all we’ve got to try and do is offer atomic number 8 within the instrumentation or place wont to transport the Tilapia.

After that, if the instrumentation provided for effecting the transportation has been given atomic number 8. Then the instrumentation or place for transportation should be at once closed so the Tilapia isn’t simple to induce out of the place or instrumentation.

But if the transportation is applied at a brief distance, then the fish needn’t be ventilated and tightly closed. as a result of primarily transportation for Tilapia is so necessary and higher if done overtly.

Other Techniques for packing and commerce Tilapia

After gathering, the Tilapia should be handled properly and properly. to induce smart quality fish and definitely not in an exceedingly broken condition, the handling when gathering should be done still as doable.

Handling of fish once gathering

At the time of gathering, the foremost vital issue to try and do is nice handling at the time of gathering. within the case of gathering, packaging and transportation should be done still as doable, therefore there’s no injury to the Tilapia.

Usually for this harvest may be exhausted the morning or evening. we tend to advocate that you just don’t try this gathering throughout the daytime is incredibly hot, as a result of it will solely create the Tilapia become weak.

To harvest this Tilapia typically should be done by employing a internet or skoopnet in accordance with the dimensions of the Tilapia. As we tend to already recognize that to try and do this choice should be exhausted how that’s smart and right.

Also within the case of gathering it always should be done by shrinking the pool water. lake water treatment works so the Tilapia is simple to catch, the capture ought to even be done rigorously.

Fish handling before and through packing

After gathering, following issue to try and do is to not feed the fish. Let the Tilapia quick till it reaches the hands of customers, as a result of if not glad beforehand, then the Tilapia are going to be troublesome to manage.

After that do the sorting rigorously, this sorting should even be exhausted accordance with the burden and size of the Tilapia. in the end that’s done properly and properly, then the issue to try and do next is packing or usually referred to as packaging.

For closed systems, the packing will typically be done by victimisation clear plastic luggage. If the packing is finished closed, then the atomic number 8 within the bag should be crammed properly.

If you do not need packing in an exceedingly closed approach, you’ll use a plastic drum or a plastic bucket because the packing instrumentation for the Tilapia.

Tilapia transportation

Apart from that, the transportation which will be wont to do this transportation should be planned properly. For the transportation itself, it’s typically necessary to use transportation that’s quick and doesn’t hurt the Tilapia.

Usually for shut distances, we will use open transportation like cars. Meanwhile, if the transportation is much, then we will use the craft as a way of transportation that’s a lot of sensible and quicker.

so many Handling Harvest and Post Harvest Tilapia Cultivation hopefully may be helpful And facilitate ..

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